Saturday, March 27, 2010


Arsene Wenger can't forgive Martin Taylor for horror tackle on Eduardo

Arsene Wenger called for Martin Taylor to be banned for life after his tackle at St Andrew’s in February 2008 snapped Eduardo’s leg in two.

Since then the Birmingham defender has moved on to Watford, who train just across from Arsenal’s London Colney.

On the eve of Saturday’s return to Birmingham, Wenger’s emotions may be a lot more controlled, but the manner of his response to questions about Taylor spoke volumes.

Martin Taylor's challenge on Eduardo, that resulted in the Arsenal player's broken leg

Horror show: Martin Taylor's reckless tackle which broke Eduardo's leg in 2008

Have you bumped into him? ‘No’. Have your feelings changed towards him? ‘No’.

Wenger refuses to accept that injuries like Eduardo’s, and more recently Aaron Ramsey’s in a challenge by Stoke’s Ryan Shawcross, are accidents.

But Wenger prefers to focus on Eduardo’s recovery as he ponders whether to send his player back on to the field where his career came close to a premature end.

‘The best way to help Eduardo is not to speak about what happened there,’ said Wenger. ‘For him, this is an opportunity to show he has got over that.

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  1. malam ni kita tembak st andrews guna meriam puas2. pastu sub key player, pasni nak lawan barca